CloudSolutions-Image-300x2681Organizations rely on Authority to remove the burden on overtasked IT teams that must deal with an increasing amount of records management issues and legal or regulatory compliance.

You also receive redundant backup and corrective measures in case of a natural disaster or human error as well as optional security enhancements to further support regulatory compliance.

• Meet requirements of eDiscovery and state and federal Open Records laws.

Migrate legacy archives into one cohesive archive for litigation and compliance fulfillment.

Set litigation holds for individual messages or entire accounts.

Choose differentiated access for your users allowing searches for only the content they are allowed to access. Learn more.

Provide users constant access to their archived messages and content.

Search messages, subject lines, to/from addresses, date ranges and attachments.

Access search query and logs, and receive instant notifications when a user logs in.

Download messages in various file formats, including .pst, .pdf, and .eml.